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In consequence of despair within the sixties the ranks have been thinned sadly, several of the best gamers having determined to go away for other climes seeking employment. Included in the list of energetic members was the late Mr. T. T. Doolan, considered one of its most energetic and trustworthy adherents. He had been related with the band for a protracted time and wished to see it surmount the troubles and difficulties that appeared before it. Messrs. Charles Galvin, Joseph Galvin, John McKenzie, and W. Day, three of whom were members of the original band, and Mr. A. J. Day, one other fanatic, have been in the identical frame of mind,

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The song of “I search her on every shore” was sung with nice taste and appreciable feeling by Mr. Raggett. “Lutzow’s wild hunt” was sung by Messrs. O. Dewey, A. Whitehead, C. Luker, S. Morgan, E. T. Evans, J. Gabb, M. Grist, and E. Bailey, and elicited a lot applause. Mr. W. Becks’ recitation was of a first-rate character, and obtained the merited approbation of the brothers. Mr. S. Morgan gave the celebrated Parry’s music of “Matrimony;” this gentleman’s expertise is well known, and he obtained a unanimous encore.

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A shiny and busy work by Nicola Matteis, “Ground After the Scotch Humour”, was then energetically and finely played, bringing this very fascinating and gratifying concert to a detailed. The live performance started with Aria Sopra “La Bergamasca” by Marco Uccellini. It was the right opening, being brilliant and vibrant. Ma described it as a “lusty courtship dance”. Maria Searles then performed the primary movement from “Harpsichord Partita #1”. It was a haunting, melodic work and Searles performed it fantastically.

Mr. Charles Adams will preside on the Pianoforte. To commence every night at 7 o’clock and shut at 10. Mr. Gale sang Lindpainter’s (not Schubert’s) track of the “Standard-bearer” with nice taste,

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Germone; Ballad – “Nancy Till,” F. Harrington; Song – “The Blue-dress’d Gal,” D. Brenni; Song, “I seed her at de Winder,” F. Garmone; Medley and refrain – “I want I was in ole Virginny,” F. Harrington. Medley dance, by Miss Melville.

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The discourse was a really lengthy and eloquent one, and embraced many in a position arguments in favour of the study of this specific branch of music. It was divided into 4 parts, between each of which the choir performed the assorted pieces set down within the programme. All these points have been ably dwelt upon by the reverend lecturer. He referred, additionally UNSW Bella MELODIA, to occasions the place using music was, he thought, perverted; and expressed remorse that it ought to be so. Many other factors wore touched upon, and a quantity of other very beautiful similes were made use of by the lecturer throughout.

Upon this most of them left; but Mr. Gale, the well-known vocalist, who shaped one of the company, was inclined to take a seat a little longer. Inspector Rose, of the Mounted Police, who was also there, jocosely, as we’re informed, offered to turn him out –

He was earlier than his time in that . Mr. Gardiner can give two or three comic songs tolerably nicely, but his appearing, particularly of dignified characters, is far under mediocrity . On Saturday final the Monarch steamer went on a pleasure journey to Birch’s Bay.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 1851, WILL be performed a completely new and attention-grabbing Drama, entitled THE BOTTLE. This piece has been written expressly for the event by Mr. Gordon, writer of “The Hibernian Father,” and several different in style items . On Monday night a new Colonial play by the writer of the Hibernian Father,

who has been organist of Trinity Church in San Francisco for six years. All the outstanding singers and musicians, both professional and amateurs, are to take part, assisted by “Orphan’s Choral Society” of Oakland.

beneath that he said he was not certain to regard the statute of frauds. Mr. Graves couldn’t see that there was any legal consideration on Mrs. Reeves’s half. Mr. Gard – Mrs. Reeves was the one get together who obtained any consideration, for they were drinking Champaigne and all types, all evening (laughter). The Commissioner summed up the proof with minuteness, and mentioned it was in his opinion a case which entitled Mr. Gard to the sum he went for £5. On Thursday night, the musical drama of Paul and Virginia was performed at the Victoria, for the first time.